Cosmetic Repairs

For more than just accidents


Whether you are looking to spruce up your current car for your own satisfaction or because you want to prepare it for sale or part-exchange, we are here to help.  From removing dents and scratches to refurbishing alloy wheels or fixing upholstery damage, we can help you to make your car look its best for an inexpensive price.

  Prices from:
Paint chip repair Mix colour to manufacturer's paint specification, touch in and polish chipped areas £35
Quarter bumper scuff/paint repair Repairs to scuffs and scratches by flatting, filling and repainting £75
Bumper scuff/repair Repairs to bumper including large areas £141 
Seat repairs- velour/leather Repairs to seating and carpet £75
Dashboard repair Repair scratches, nicks and marks to dashboard trim £75
Windscreen repair Repair to chips, starbursts and bullseyes £45
Wing mirror repaint Repairs to scuffed and scratched mirrors, requiring flatting, filling and repainting (Not including parts if required) £59 
Complete machine polish Machine polish out light scratches on complete vehicle £155
Dent repair per panel Small to medium sized dents removed £60
Painted alloy wheel repair, single Repairs to single painted alloy wheel that requires flatting, painting and re-lacquering £65
Polished alloy wheel repair, single Refurb of single polished alloy wheel using specialist alloy refurbishment machine £90



A SMART repair is carried out to the damaged area of your vehicle and not a whole panel or bumper. A spray gun is used with the manufacturer’s paint codes and industry leading products to accurately repair spots, scratches and paintwork blemishes. By only repairing the affected area, your time and money is saved.

Enquire about our Smart Repair.